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NOTE: This site was made for the Photo Club several years ago,
(it needs current students to create new events and a new site)

The Photo Club is free and always open to membership
by any current or former student of Cañada College.  
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An On-Line Archive Gallery is being hosted on this site. See link above


The last listing for Information or Membership was:
Photo Club > Ron Fronberg


      The Cañada College Photography Club
is here for students and alumni to have a special Organization dedicated to their enjoyment and inspiration in the art of Photography. Here they can network with others and share everything from lighting techniques and digital image manipulation to displaying their best work and discussing marketing strategies. Users of both digital and film are welcome.

      Meetings occur monthly or less often depending on the current availability and level of interest of the membership.

      Some of the activities include:
      • Permanent Online Gallery
      • Field trips to professional studios
      • Group Photo Outings
      • Opportunities to display our work
      • Professional Photographers to speak at club meetings
      • Pier review of current work

We hope you enjoy our Gallery display and encourage you to become a member.


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