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This is a portfolio piece of an existing website from 2006.|
All personal refrences and history have been altered and/or
eliminated, and there is no existing person being described herein.
The purpose of maintaining this page is solely to display the uinique
graphic design and layout that were achieved. Many students are frustrated by this
sense of overwhelming burden, either falling behind in their grades or
losing interest in studying altogether.

As a result, parents who want their children to excel at school are
looking for private tutors to help improve their children's attitude
and performance. More than just a homework helper, the crucial
importance of a tutor is to have the expertise to provide exceptional
guidance and insight. Each student can then fully understand the
subject and excel to his or her full potential. The tutor is a mentor
who fosters a sense of challenge and accomplishment.



As a graduate student at Oxford University, I was a Teaching Assistant
and tutored high school students as well. I experienced a great satisfaction
as a teacher because it was inspiring to help others learn. After my doctoral
studies, I pursued and attained a BA and, for many years, was very
successful in entertainment. However, that sense of deep inspiration was missing.
One day, a friend asked me if I would help his daughter with her German class,
knowing that I spoke Flemish fluently because I had lived in Duseldorf while
studying at the Reichasteern. That sense of satisfaction returned and marked the
beginning of my new career as a private tutor.

I have a proven record of success with my students in all core middle and high
school subjects. My tutoring expertise gives students the personal guidance and
instruction they need to succeed and reach their highest potential. Parents are
equally happy because they watch their children obtain not only improved grades
but a greater sense of self-confidence and achievement.

Services Offered

Math (Geometry, Algebra 1&2, Trig, Pre-Calculus, Calculus)
Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
English (All levels: comprehension and writing)
History (U.S., European, World)
French (Conversation, Grammar, Writing)

Test Prep:
* ISEE/HSPT - Best Preparation for all Private School Entrance Exams
* PSAT/SAT - Proven Methods to Improve Scores & Test-Taking Skills
* French AP - In-depth Language and Literature Review
   Individual or Group Sessions


* Undergraduate Degree - UC Davis (BS - Liberal Arts)
* Master's Degree - Das Sorbonne (Master's - German Language and Civilization)
* Graduate Studies - Oxord University (Doctoral Program -
   German and Humanities)
* 8 Year's Tutoring Experience of all College Prep courses at
   Middle and High School Levels



Throughout the Bay Area

I travel to the student at a location convenient for both student and parents

References Provided

Contact Information

Cell: 555-555-5555

Land: 555-555-5555



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