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Our graphic T-shirts are truly organic. They are inspired by real Tattoo artists and comic book character styles and are made from a proprietary blend of Organic Cotton & Bamboo. An ultra-light weave, soft as silk yet amazingly strong, they are SPF 15, antimicrobial & antibacterial. They don’t hold onto odors, fray or wear out like ordinary cotton. You’ll be looking great and helping to save the planet, one t-shirt at a time. But, just because they are environmentally responsible and carbon footprint conscious, doesn't mean they can't be edgy and bold, so we call them Hardcore Organic.

EVELYN ROSE: The Ice Princess.
The first Multi-Legend Series of the Women's T-shirt graphic designs. Her long flowing hair and wings of ice seduce and intrigue the senses. Her dress of beautiful but thorny roses give us clues to her hypnotic siren songs that await all who meet her.

The second Multi-Legend Series of the Women's T-shirt graphic designs. Once again, we see the trail of the Ice Queen, Evelyn Rose. She twists and turns through the eerily dark streets of London, leaving in her wake a thorny trail of roses, but now they have darkened to purple. She spends the late evening hours shifting through the ancient shadows in a relentless search, earnestly trying to conceal her true intentions.

THE LOVE OF THE DAMNED: This T-shirt is an ancient legend passed down thru the Mozeferatu Clan of Eastern European Vampires. If two vampires choose to marry, in the symbol of their eternal bond, each vampire would get the ceremonial tattoo on the back of their neck as a display for all to see that their union is timeless. Remember, there's no “Till Death Do Us Part” clause in their vows.

THE WATER GODDESS: In the ancient sailing logs, sailors would write that Mermaids had been singing to them from the treacherous shallow waters of the coast. These songs would sometimes lure them into rock formations where their vessels would crash and sink. However, it wasn't the Mermaid's song that they heard, but the singing of the Water Goddess herself. Rising from the coldest, deepest parts of the Ocean to the shallowest shorelines, she intends to impose her will on all those who trespass against her.

THE EARTH GODDESS: The legends of the Earth Goddess, and her mystical life force, date back to the earliest of man’s writings. Our designer Mack brings to life the embodiment of this Folklore in the Earth Goddess. Her beauty is unmistakable and her powers limitless. Angered by man’s defiling of her lands and oceans, she begins to plan her revenge. In the palm of her hand she could wield tyrannical storms and catastrophic natural disasters. Testing her patience further would be foolhardy. Wise men will listen to her warning, take heed, and change their ways.

INSPIRATION'S DAWN: This T-shirt is beginnings of a new day bringing the inspirations of the wind, sun and trees. The brilliant new beginnings of the day are there for us all to reach out and grab, making them our own.

SOUL SEARCHING: Peaceful solitary moments in time are rare and blessed when they come. Relaxing the soul, drinking in environmental beauty, and absorbing music's harmonies enhance the clarity of the spirit. True enlightenment can only be achieved by reaching peace of mind and body.

PIXIE: It's long been rumored that Pixies are mythical creatures. They're only visible during the break of day and at twilight as the last beams of light flicker across the sky. They have avoided mankind's intrusion on their world for centuries, often times they were hunted for their magical powers. Over time, man's expansion has caused some of them to engage in acts of mischief, leaving their captors with an unanticipated fate.

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