Lost Recordings
From the 80's... Piano & Synth

Piano Composition #1

Piano Composition #2

Piano Composition #3

Korg Ambient Improv

Recorded ~ 1984 on THE MOST INCREDIBLE $200K+ Bösendorfer Imperial Grand!! - pictured below... with 9 extra bass notes. I've played others but this one was truly UNIQUE with an ultra-bright sound ... 30 years ago In San Mateo at the Crestmont Conservatory of Music, I knew someone on the faculty who occasionally let me come in at night to record on cassette!! This was about 30% the recordings that were made on this piano .... I hope the other recordings might be found. »



I always thought this was the biggest Piano..


Then this emerged from China:


But no, this is apparently the biggest (18' 10")
& It was built by a 15 year-old boy...
~ It's so big it has all unwound strings ~
Certainly a crowning achievement for any age, but 15???

See the inventor's YouTube Video »