This CSS Demo webpage was initially copied from an existing model, but then it was so thoroughly modified and to such an extreme extent customized as to create a completely original ordinary generic layout.
(RE: Standard Plagarism Denial Statement SPDS#3459-87b)


Then there usually needs to be the Obligatory and Gratuitous Set of Outline Points, or as red-necks call them, Bullets:

  • Point A, the Starting Point.
  • Point B, where you think you are starting to get somewhere.
  • Point C, unfortunately due to a warp in the space-time continuum, this point is only one nanometer away from the original Point A.
  • Point D, not sure why this even exists
  • Point E, pretty sure this doesn't exist.
  • Point E.2.1

    We are currently working to create further points that could continue for another few inches down the page, but for now we'll just stop with the Point E.2.1, cause that point was existing beside the Point E in negative-imaginary-space, and since we're already dealing with the cutting edge of technology's double-sided blade here, wouldn't it be just a shame that we would need band-aids!! And we're on such a tight budget as it is, that our users might just end up bleeding like turnips!!

    It was especially hard to get the wavy pattern to line up on both sides of the header, so we resorted to using a flat line where the offset was repeatedly getting set off. This would have been effortless if there had been a border png-24 on the header's sides. The use of png-24 images on the sidebar enabled the gradient and dropshadows to blend perfectly.

    We used many Web 2.0 features in the graphics, like the reflection, the circular gradient in the header section, and gradients in the main and sidebar sections. This was all achieved with a few fairly small images. They were easily downloaded originally to re-assemble and view sizes and interaction, using the newly discovered Double-Option-Click-From-Activity-Window-Technique, or more commonly known as: DOCFAWT. The Phone/Mail image below was just too snazzy to pass up, it was white before... Hope we don't get sued!!

For more information, please contact:

Chuck Hawley
(555) 555-5555 EXT. 55
RightHere, USA
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